Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sometimes when typing...

Ever been writing something up and, as you look over it again, a word catches your eye?

Something just seems off about it...

Indeed there is!

Actually there are two main reasons, and they are often working together in tandem! :o

The first is:

That's obvious.

I mean anyone who has ever learned English, taught English, spoke English, heard English, read English, written English, seen an English man, and/or ate an English muffin, would be able to tell you that. D:

The second one might be a little less evident...

It being...

Yep, another parallel dimension mind being! :O

It has the scent of stale bread, really old paper, and piles of rust.

The Metsgeg says:

It speaks those words quietly and softly in the back of your mind, being the voice behind all that needless, time wasting, and sometimes stressful second guessing. =\

You may feel that it helps keep you humble* but it really does a lot more harm than good. ._.

*It's doing it wrong! D:

Best to turn on some tunes and ignore it. :D


  1. speaking of which, it's 'does' not 'dose' XP

  2. The Metseg is so cute! o wo
    He looks kinda like a ditto, and kind of like a very rotten pile of meat at the same time...
    But all chubby-cute, too! >w<

  3. dude, i know what u mean about thinking a word is wrong even when its not.
    BUT! i dont agree with the part of english being fucked up. as u clearly see, i am able to speak english, write English, hear English, read English and English. but im neither english nor north american, so english is not my main language.
    im brazilian, wich means my main language is portuguese.
    portuguese is the fucked up language, not english. its hard as fucking hell. english not, it is easy to learn.

  4. I must have multiple Metsgeg, or at least a very busy one. I feel the need to check to see if I did everything right many times. I checked to see if I spelled Metsgeg correctly three times. (It doesn't help that I have OCD.)

    And yes, English is a stupid language. The mutated love child of like six other languages. Most other languages follow patterns, with few exceptions. And most of the exceptions are from another language. English, has some patterns, but a lot of words completely disregard the rules and do whatever the hell they want.