Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kurkrug

We all have voices in our heads*.

*Not saying everyone is schizophrenic. These are the 'normal' head voices. >_>

Sometimes they are just different renditions of our own voice. Sometimes they are purely imagined voices, like those you would make up for the narrator or characters while reading a book.

There are several kinds of these voices. Some that give self encouragement or praise. Others that give discouragement, harsh criticism, and insults. Some are instinctual*. And some are just random†.

*Food. Water. Drink. Hungry. Sex. Boobs. Breast. Ass. Butt. (I'm only a heterosexual male so I don't know fore sure what the instinctual voices of women or gay men might say.) D:

Beep Beep Boop! Bope Bope!

You probably know all this and have heard all variations of these voices from inside your brain space. Most probably triggered by some reactionary thought process.

What you might not know is that the sources of these voices are actually creatures. These creatures are in a dimension parallel to your mind and they are birthed over the course of your life. @_@

Pronounced: Kerr-krugg

Censoring was dismissed because the Kurkrug must be told to "Fuck off" rather than "F-asterisk-ck off" as the later phrase does not have the same affect.

Remember this. •·•


  1. Odd, I've never had a Kurkrug of my own...
    But I wish you the best of luck with getting rid of yours xP

  2. @Micki Yours might just not be born yet. They tend to come into existence post college. >_>

  3. well, im not in post college, never had a kurkrirug something, but i do have way more depressing and discoragin voices than good ones. but it is a good thing, im always critizing everything i do, so im always trying to find out my mistakes so i can correct or erase them.

  4. Mine just tells me to expose myself in public, so I drink heavily to shut it up.

  5. @CHaoS That can be an ok mix I suppose. I imagine the good voice creatures in a Helm's Deep scenario!

    @Ryan That sounds like the voice of the Shiggy-Wanna. He says a lot of sh*t. Some instinctual. Some random. All wise. No reason to drown that one out. :D

  6. Now I know what to do with the Kurkrug. >D XDD
    1 down! Just several more other creatures! XDDD (What to do with the several others? I wonder.. LOOL)

  7. But I like my Kurkrug! He buys me drinks! D:

  8. ahhh i hate the Kurkrug! he's killing all the other voices :'(