This is the "Yet To Be Asked Frequently Asked Questions"!

No one has even asked these questions yet! No one reads this thing! You're not even reading it now!

Unless you have some sort of psychic powers?! O:

In that case, I'll answer the questions not yet asked. :D

Yet To Be Asked Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often do you update?

A: I updated once a day for the first 356 days. Now updates are in the wind! :o

Q: What do you draw the pictures with?  :O

A: With a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Flash CS5! :D

Q: How long does it take you to make a post?! 8O

A: It takes time! I am not super very good! My style is a delicate balance of bad drawings and yet giving the faint impression that I know what I'm doing! 8D

Q: What's with all the emotes all over your post? =\

A: Many people have gripes about using emotes in text and I understand a lot of them. Honestly though, they help convey the emotion of a statement that I'd rather not leave ambiguous. :|

Q: What's with all footnotes all over your post too then? >=/

A: Eh, I just prefer to use them here rather than a lot of parenthetical statements. Though in my other writings I tend to use a lot of both. 8|

Q: And that lame censoring? >8\

A: I don't know if you can actually call it "censoring", I just stick an asterisk in the place of a vowel in most* questionable words. The word is still crazy obvious. So, lame? Yes. Censoring? No. ._.

*Words like 'ass' don't get the treatment. Explanation? Don't really have one. ;|

Q?: This post didn't make any f*cking sense!!! @∆@

A: I know, right? ·-·

Q?: Your pics look like donkey butt! D:<

A: That's because they are all portraits of you! >:C

Q?: You ripped off Hyperbole and a Half/pictures for sad children/Cyanide & Happiness/xkcd/gunshow/Dresden Codek/Left-Handed Toons/Johnny Wander/South Park/The Simpsons/Futurama/Family Guy/some other comic/some other show/something I saw online/something I saw in real life!!! D8<

A: Nuh-uh! D: