Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today I got a haircut. Had doctor's checkup. Cleaned my place up. Looked for new office chair*. And ran around in some circles trying to catch squirrels.

*I need one that has good arm rest and wont mess up may wrist/hands with paraesthesias. ;C

Now I'm tired and it is time to dream.

Last night I dreamed of writing and working... O.o

Good night! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Debuggin! >8C

Lately I've been working on a flash game! :D

Here's a summery of today's progress. :)

It will* be amazing! :D

*After the debugging!!! D8<

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nights like these...

Sometimes I have exciting evenings! :D

So it begins:

15 Minutes later:

20 Minutes after that:

An hour and a half go by...

Then 10 minutes...

Another 30 minutes

2 Hours pass...

2 Hours pass... again...

Just a couple minutes this time

Less than half a minute till this:

About 2 seconds

No time really...

Felt like a long time though...


Actually I was saved in the last moment by an alien and Big-Foot. They got me to the john and un-paralyzed my body. Then Elvis and the Loch Ness Monster dropped by. We all got on Abraham Lincoln's flying Titanic and traveled into hyperspace-sea. There we battled Cthulhu and every* character from Lord of the Rings! :D

*Even Tom Bombadil, who fights dirty! D:<

I didn't feel like drawing all that junk though. =\

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Today!

Not really though...

Except for:

Battling aquatic fire gnomes!!!

Damn little buggers, breaking scientific laws all over the place...*

*Actually I suppose they are really just breaking them underwater. Might be only one law too... =\

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I don't like your tone!

Comic today!

Enjoy it!* :D

*Or not. I mean, you don't have to... :c


Was that comic a pun? I'm not sure. Might just have been bad. =\

Friday, June 25, 2010

My stuff...

Don't take it! :D

Not much to post today. Just spiffing up around here a bit more.

See the copyright stuff on the side and bottom? It is there so I can basically just let everyone know:

Also, go and check out the updated (YTBA)FAQ* page! It will answer the questions you may have thought about but haven't asked! :D

*Yet To Be Asked Frequently Asked Questions. Because I plan* ahead like that. :)

*I have psychic powers! D:|

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Pup!

This post will introduce my doggy. He is a little miniature pinscher. I have had him since I was 16.

His name is Zeek (he also responds to many other names such as Zeeky, Buddy, Doogie, Piggy, Button, Little Bit, Poopy, and Little Sh*t). I named him after a character in a story that I wrote back in 3rd grade. I also named a comic character I made Zeek*. I posted him about before, here.

*I just liked the name ever since I heard it when I was a kid and started using it for every character I had in video games or in stories. =\

They have far differing personalities though. While the comic wombabbit one is pretty much a d*ck, the puppy is really just a puppy.

He tends to bark at nearly everyone, especially if he thinks they are invading his home. Though he gets shy with people when he's outside. However, he always seems to like kids (pretty sure it's because they are small like him).

For a while my friends kept telling me how, if put to proper use, this pup could easily get me chicks.

Now I have had many thoughts about what the best method for this strategy could be and have only recently come to a conclusion. I decided to tell my cohort the idea. He's always known about the prospect "chick getting" but has never been one to figure out its execution.

His response was the wagging of the tail and looking at me while running around in circles a few times. I was positive that this meant he was up for it but, just to be sure, I gave him a pupperoni as well. No point in risking this.

We both trained laboriously for the next few weeks. We could leave nothing to chance. One foul-up and the whole thing could end in tears, blood, bodies, and a bad credit score.

Luckily for me, min-pins are very bright dogs. They are easy to train (with pupperoni) and quick to learn (how to get the pupperoni).

The plan went perfectly and we were indeed able to pick up chicks! :D

Unfortunately though I am running out of the funds to keep renting the backhoe. =\

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Workin on this place...

No long crazy post today. I mostly just working on spiffing up this blog site place.

My wrist is starting to hurt despite the fact that I have this awesome gel pad.

I made a FaceBook page for this blog as well as a link to it on the side of the page!

Hurry and become a fan*! :D

*Else I'll cry. You don't want to make a man cry... do you? D:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I don't have hobbit feet...

Today only brought home the point made in the post title. My feet are not of hobbit caliber. :c

There was a knock at the door! It sounded urgent or frustrated (given the heat I bet it was the second one). I was in the restroom when it happened and so I had to finish asap!

While rushing to the door, I realize "Oh my gosh! I have no shirt on!" and since I have a rather large chest scar (from heart surgery) amid my burnt and pasty white torso* I flung it in reverse to grab a shirt from my drawer.

*I am a red headed ginger. We dont tan. We either spot up (freckle) or burn.

I put on a tee, ran back and opened the door!

No one there...

I then looked at my door and saw a note from UPS saying "Final Delivery Notice" and that I would have to pick it up at their place. This was not too awesome for me. :C

I then looked around and saw the truck only just now moving off around the corner drive of the apartment complex I live in. I knew I had to move quickly!

I just ran down the steps and across the black top, knowing I could cut him off before he went past the gates! I would get this package even if I must fling myself in front of the moving vehicle!

The truck was not there...

It was impossible that it had already driven out. I mean, unless it had some sort of wormhole generating device used for hyperspace package delivery.

Luckily it did not. I was just stopped at another apartment. Also at this time my feet were starting to hurt just a little bit but I didn't think anything of it. I just ran toward the truck!

It took him a while to give the other person their package so I just stood there and waited a bit. Feet still hurt but I figured it was because I hadn't ran barefoot in a while. Soon the driver was back and looking at me as anyone would look at an obviously hastily dressed, messy haired, young man. He was looking at me as if he faintly suspected I was trying to steal some sh*t.

So I just jumped in and said "Hi! You've got a package for me?!". He was then noticeably confused but stumbled into replying "What address? o.-".

I informed him and then he seemed to figure out the entire circumstance. Probably not his first time for something like this.

I got my package!

I began walking back to my place and started to really feel my feet hurting. Something was up. Though I am too cool to check out why they might be hurting, I mean, there are people around outside and stuff, best to just look at them when I get back inside.

They were burnt. Like really burnt. Super, ouch blisters with blood and loose skin, burnt! That asphalt must have been crazy hot, I mean it was already 92°F outside anyway.

I stood there for a moment and reflected. I remembered that I reasoned with myself about how not putting on my sandals would give me the time to catch the truck.

After that moment I remembered I was bleeding and that my feet were dying. I fell to the flow and crawled to the tub to pour cool water on my bloody blistered stumps. It was nice.

After wrapping the wounds in gauze, and thinking about how this ordeal should be my blog today, I remembered the package.

I was expecting something but it wasn't supposed to arrive for at least 2 more days. I mean, I ordered it online on Friday and just got standard shipping (3-8 business days). I only just yesterday got the e-mail that it had been shipped.

And yet, after clawing the tape off the box like a crazed badger, there it was...

My 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Gift Set! Containing the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manuel (which is always my favorite of D&D books)!

I had put off getting the 4th Edition stuff for quite some time and that was no small feat considering what a huge geeky nerd I am.

At last it is time to indulge!

And since I wont be able to walk much for probably a week, these resources shall be exploited! :D

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dating sites?!

Hey! I gonna rant some bit! Well, kinda... =\

I am on a couple of dating sites. Only really use the actually free ones. No cost ever. Some things I like, some I don't.

I think the thing I like the most is just the bare bones stats. They let you know if the person is worth your time to look at, let alone make contact with.

I think it would be awesome if it was available in real life! Like a little badge that makes a holograph float above your head with just some basic info and you can turn it on or off.

This would also be good since people get to actually see you
and you them instead of just some angled and/or cropped pic.

Don't want people approaching you? Just turn it off, or lie even. God knows people do it enough already.

It could just have to do with the people that are also on the free dating site though. Many probably aren't entirely serious. Some are there for other reasons (forums/test/friends). Some are fake. And some are just lying about everything...

Eh, I was gonna rant some more but I seem to have lost the passion to.

Expect more later though! :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In a before land time...

I had a web comic once. Still do actually. But it so rarely has something posted that it, more often than not, rubs salt into a guilt wound.

I am not gonna post the address here. I still do post there at times and I rather it stand on it's own for now. Even have a friend help me with art sometimes now. :D

Still though, it lacked one thing that I am trying to get a hold of here. It was a...

Yeah. That's it. Pretty sure.

Anyway, I am planing to at least post something once a day here for the first 30 days here. That will not be easy! Though I do have plenty of random thoughts and I can push out poorly drawn pics without too much pain (it can be fully forced sometimes though).

On my comic I made up a few characters that people seemed to like and so, they will probably make some showings here.

Here they be:


This guy I have drawn for a long time. Mostly he is just the more d*ck part of personality. The part that says exactly what it's thinking. He is not rabbit, not entirely. He is sort of a mix of wombat, mogwai, and rabbit. I like to call him a "wombabbit".

The Pills

My meds make good characters. Really . No, I'm serious. You'll see! You'll all see!

The Whenever Guys

These are just the guys I use whenever. For random gags and what not. The one is green is often dead.
Yeah, they do look like Cyanide & Happiness guys. I like that site but...

AIDS Vampire and A Dancing Pink Taco

They are exactly what they look like.
The vampire has some regrets. The biggest one being biting a person with AIDS.
The dancing pink taco is just a dancing pink taco.

Those are them. Look forward* to seeing them in real roles here on this blog!

*If they don't show up for a long while, well, just keep looking forward! :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Plans!

Hey! Guess what! I've got big plans for this thing!


Set up this places domain too. That cost real money! See my confidence?!

Really, I mean it!

So everyone who reads me now during only my first week can look back and say, "I read him during only his first week! Before he became such a d*ck and a sell out...well, he was always a d*ck... uh... you know what I mean..."


Friday, June 18, 2010

No motivation today...

Today the sky is nice and blue outside (although also unfairly hot and humid >:C) yet I don't have the "Get up and Go!" that such a sky normally provides me.

So it seems...

Isn't that ironic? No? Not irony? Just levels of laziness?

Guess I'll have to suck it up and do something... like vacuum my apartment, do the dishes, stuff like that.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where my time go though?

I had a completely different post planned but my time went woosh! The internet and Wikipedia are to blame! D:<

I am wanting to add at least one post a day at the start of this blog and so here it is. Short and sweet*.

*If not sweet enough, add sugar whilst stirring.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Needs More Dead Hooker!

Ever see old vacation or photo op pics that just feel so bland?

Example Photos:
How embarrassing...

Oh the horror...

We all have them. Huddled away in some box lost in a closet or under the bed. Perhaps even sorted in a photo album. God knows you wouldn't want to put them online less someone finds out how average and unoriginal you are. D:

Well now there is a better way! The Dead Hooker way! :D

Just add a dead hooker to any of these such photos and BOOM, instant excitement! Every newly born retarded sea sponge can use photoshop these days, so you probably can too! :D

Just look at those old photos now!

Now there's a man who's accomplished things!

Bet he had to think on his feet!

And don't think that this is gender exclusive! Everyone can take advantage of this amazing system! Just look!

Example Photo:

Doesn't everyone have the dumb "pose by that thing" pic?

Now lets add our prostitute and see the results!

Now there's a friend you can be proud of!

If you don't wanna look average and every day in your average and every day pics, just remember this:

"Needs More Dead Hooker!"

Soon everyone will think completely different of you! :D