Monday, October 25, 2010

So Many Things!

Hey all you lovely awesome readers out there!

I was expecting ANY comments on yesterday's post and it turns out that I got some of the longest comments ever*! You guys and gals need to know how much I ALWAYS appreciate your feedback. Knowing that people read/enjoy/share my stuffs, even when it's so darn short, always brightens my day. :D

*Aside from the ones in the past telling me I was wrong about something and why... o.o

I'm sure you've noticed the large amount of short and semi-sweet post I have been making lately, as opposed to some of the comparatively long post I had made in the past.

Again, I have an explanation.

I have been starting and working on, perhaps, too many projects! :o

Seriously, let's go through a list of em:
  1. A completely different story driven comic!
  2. Still developing several games! In Flash(AS3), HTML5 and Objective-C!
  3. Working on full crazy StarCraft 2 comics and flash cartoons! Bringing the funny as well as strategery insights!
  4. Several StarCraft 2 maps including one that is only a machinima but super full of LuLs!
  5. Two freaking short stories to send to magazines! Neither of them are porn either! D:
  6. Creating a forum for this here place maybes!
  7. Cleaning my damn apartment! It needs it... ;c
  8. Trying, and failing, to fix my crappy sleep schedule before I die! :O
  9. Falling way behind on helping four different people, all whom are friends, with their websites... ¦C
  10. Trying to actually be more social and life having.
  11. Working to actually get back in shape.
  12. Fighting SkyBears!
There are more too! Like working on three different long post for here and not yet finishing any of them! :D

All of these things are what have been causing me to repeatably ask myself that question from yesterday.

However that question is often quickly followed by another...

Which leads me to other obvious perceptions...

So please, bear with me as all this* goes down and I continue to tackle the list! Hopefully panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and all the other awesomeness that comes with the "SO MANY THINGS" syndrome doesn't pound me into a red headed pulp. :3

*Yeah, I know there was a lot of StarCraft 2 stuff listed. I know a lot of you prolly don't give a rats arse about that. Oh well. Maybe some of you do though*. n_n

If ya wanna SC2 it up sometime just friend me on battle net via the e-mail listed on my contact page. My character name is Derailed.


  1. I appreciate the appreciation! :D
    I think that a forum would be really freaking sweet... I'd be the first to join! If not the first, then one of the firsts! :3 (Prolly bad grammar, sorry >_>)
    Sir, I know how it is with trying to fix a sleep schedule. I've gone a week without it, not because I'm busy, but because I have insomnia/ sleep apnea/ night terrors and it tends to leave me without sleep for days at a time.. =_=;;

    Don't worry, though! I and the other faithful commenters will be here to support ya, no matter what! ^____^

  2. I noticed u said bear with me not bare meaning we hve bear come ride with me ride !

  3. death to the SkyBears!

  4. I'll definitely add you. Zerg unite!