Thursday, October 7, 2010

What it takes to be popular on the internet! #1

Another series?! It must be! It has a number in the title and everything! D:

Anyway, these posts will be about what it takes to become popular and/or famous on the internet*!

*I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "How would you know?! You're not popular or famous on the onlines!". Well just you wait*...

*Just you wait...

We shall start with the two most obvious prerequisites!

Number One:

This is a must!

Let's face* it, it's hard to be interested in a terribly ugly person, no matter what awesome shite they might present. So it's best not to be too hideous. The less torn asunder your visage is the better!

*Luls! ¦D

Even if they never see your actual, really-real face, people have imagined one in their mind's eye. If someone sneaks into your home, takes a photo of your mug, and then posts it up all over the internetworks...well, it would be better not to horribly disappoint the people who envisioned you looking way WAY better.

Number Two:

Again, photographic evidence will come into play here. Often it will be far more compelling than the first point mentioned.

Don't fret too much though. There are so many people on the internet that just about all melons* can find an audience! :)

*Even honeydew! :D


  1. I vote for Random Guy to be famous. *VOTE*

  2. AHHH! Faceless ones! Don't get me started on them!