Monday, June 28, 2010

Nights like these...

Sometimes I have exciting evenings! :D

So it begins:

15 Minutes later:

20 Minutes after that:

An hour and a half go by...

Then 10 minutes...

Another 30 minutes

2 Hours pass...

2 Hours pass... again...

Just a couple minutes this time

Less than half a minute till this:

About 2 seconds

No time really...

Felt like a long time though...


Actually I was saved in the last moment by an alien and Big-Foot. They got me to the john and un-paralyzed my body. Then Elvis and the Loch Ness Monster dropped by. We all got on Abraham Lincoln's flying Titanic and traveled into hyperspace-sea. There we battled Cthulhu and every* character from Lord of the Rings! :D

*Even Tom Bombadil, who fights dirty! D:<

I didn't feel like drawing all that junk though. =\


  1. thus is the cruel fate that befalls us all-*thud*

    my legsssssssss D:

  2. Aww... At least you know your dog loves you! ^_^

  3. uggghhh i hate when i do this to myself lol. Except i don't have an awesome adventure after the paralyzed part - i just pass out.

  4. your dog is so cute! :)

  5. wear did lord of rings come in