Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doodly Doodling

I didn't pay attention much in class. I mean heard things and remembered what I heard but rarely actually focused on what those teachery people were speaking. Instead I was either spacing out, doodling, sleeping or some combination between the three. >_>

My doodles weren't even very doodly. They often turned into some strange abstract mishmash that would continue to grow until rightfully claiming the entirety of the page.

Such as this...

But that's not to say I only doodled up things like that. I was honing my pure element Randomian even then.

The image below is a remake of one of those oh so glorious hits!

Just some guy or whatever, peering over a block of cheese, letting you know where he does the ruling*. ._.

*It's from the shadows, case you missed it. :o


  1. HAHA!! man you are awesome
    but i know what you mean... i have some weird doodles too, like a dude camping with a tent-hat...
    tent-hats can be the next big thing!! People can wear them while ruling cheese!

  2. My doodles are usually ideas for writing projects that never happen.
    Though my maths book now has batman stabbing sonic the hedgehog with a lowng an shiny blade
    I like the abstract mishmash

  3. My doodles are usually me trying out new expressions on people to make them look more potato-e.

  4. wait...what? Can you lend me your notes? i totally missed the ruling from...part...