Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Procrastination

Sunday is a day that is poorly placed.

Ever since I was young it has always been difficult to actually enjoy a Sunday. I always knew that it was just a slow prelude to Monday... -.-

Though this also makes it the best day to put things off! :D

I tend to reason it this way...

Then when Monday shows up I always wish I did some of its crap on Sunday. =\


  1. its even worse when you have monday off.. like I do today - and all the stuff to be done on sunday and monday gets ignored, and it all has to be done on the tuesday :(

  2. i end up doing everything on tuesday almost always...

  3. If procrastinating was a class, I'd get straight A's all year long -.-

  4. As a person with anxiety disorder, I know exactly how you feel. T_T Sundays are days that I can sit around and panic about all the stuff in the upcoming week. It's terrible!

  5. Tuesday is a good day to not do the things you should have done on Sunday.

  6. This made me lol a bit