Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have you ever... and this happens? #2

So, have you ever actually met or talked to someone who you admire or respect, or who's work you really liked? Not like out of nowhere, but say at a con, a presentation they were making, or a Q&A?

Often they turn out to indeed be pretty awesome people. :)

Sometimes though, things are different... >_>;

At first they seem pretty cool, even if something feels a bit off.

Though they might just be tired or frustrated with something else, you can sometimes feel a sense of smugness about them.

They tend to put their fans in different categories of "people I'm not interested in". And even though they are there to talk to and see them, they feel like their fans are below them*.

*When actually they are dependent on their fans.

Now, because you have been categorized, they will probably make assumptions about you and about what you're saying, often interrupting you to proclaim those assumptions.

Believing that, because they have so many people watching them or their work, they no longer have to show common respect, manners, or God forbid gratitude.

They are also prone to drama, overreacting, and paranoia.

How you perceive that person from then on often changes dramatically...

I'm sure this can apply to pretty much any celebrity of any type. I know a lot of them are caught on camera or have been reported doing things that cause many people to see them differently or just lose respect for them all together.

Still, it's not quite the same as actually seeing, hearing, or even just reading something from them directly.

So, to sum up...
(censoring removed to stress the point)
Don't be a douche.
Don't be a bitch.
Don't be a dick.
If someone is a douche/bitch/dick to you be sure to either ignore them,
Or, like the Kurkrug, tell them to "Fuck off."

This post is partially based off of a disappointing experience that happened about two years ago. It was when I first started writing shorts and before I had any of them published. Though the person is not worth mentioning here it turns out he's rather well known for being an ass to everyone. ._.


  1. how true. I am lucky that my only experience with an admired webcomcs person was wierd in that he was super nice and I almost expect people I admire to be dicks.

  2. I emailed a manga author once with questions about her work and sent some fanart [I was in middle school, so it sucked baaaad]. She replied right away and was really cool to me. I was so surprised. Unfortunately emails to other comic people have gone unanswered unless it was about buying stuff from them.

  3. man, you really inspired me with this post. haeaheuhaehuauheuhaeuhauhe
    hehe sorry, but its true,i smile cuz i can understand some thoutghts even with my bad english :D
    Ur my favorite random-english-poster-guy,and this nice post is perfect to say u that:) hihihi