Friday, August 6, 2010

I Had A Dream! #1

So another theme* of posts. These will be about dreams I've had at one time or another. :o

*Started a few already, though most are still on #1... Oh well, this site is still young. :)

I'm not gonna go all out* and write about how I normally dream and/or what they are like but I will tell you that I sometimes have crazy vivid dreams! The kind that stick with you and can affect you throughout the day or longer.

*At least not with this post. ._.

Several of those have me rushing to jot down their highlights, sketch some pictures or even trying to write down some musical notes*. Those then turn into shorts to submit to magazines, music I work on in garage band, and sometimes even full comics†! :D

*Seriously, some of my dreams have EPIC scores! :o

Working on a big project now actually. When it's ready it will be put up on its own site. :)

Anyway, the dreams that will be posted here are not really those kind of dreams. They are the other ones. The kind that are still vivid but, when you look back at them, actually just really silly. o_o

Such as the one I had last night...

The dream did indeed have a false ending, in which I still had too much milk, but the top* wasn't present. >_>

* Go see inception. ._.


  1. I have a bunch of really, REALLY weird dreams, and I can barely remember any of them D8 But they aren't like yours.. they have more action xP Like adventure and mysteries and bad guys and scary stuff.. I wonder why I have those dreams... they freak me out O.e
    Maybe it's a consequence for staying up too late every night?
    Yeah maybe=]
    Dude I haven't seen Inception yet, don't rub it in >n<

  2. Many of my dreams are like epic movies or novels. But those are not the type that will posted here. Instead they are used for actual novels, shorts, or full comics. ;)

  3. I'm really enjoying your comic/blog/thing so far J1RG!!! Keep up the good work :D

  4. I think someone was trying to pull the ole inception on you, to get you to buy less milk!

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHH love inception and this post had me dying from laughter... but i think i'll survive