Monday, August 23, 2010

Beaver Jesus!

Once in a long while, a truly great being will arise. One that will change the world and make history in a way so that their name will never be forgotten.

Unless of course their name was really long and hard to pronounce, someone else up and took all the credit, or they just lacked the proper PR for that kinda thing. =\

In any case...

Some of you might be thinking, "Is that really irony? I don't think that's actually ironic at all! I'm gonna say something about it!!! D:<".

That's fine.

But before you do end up wasting your time saying something, remember this...

Also remember that no one really knows the real definition of irony any more. Its true meaning was lost countless ages ago. What people claim it is now is all really just hearsay and conjecture.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying*.

*You can hit them. ._.


  1. I don't know what irony is, either xD
    We were supposed to learn it last year, but I never really figured it out ._.
    So I just try to stay away from it ^-^

  2. I remember we all had to say an example of irony in class once, and half the class disagreed over each one xD

    If I remember correctly, mine was needing scissors to open the plastic scissors come in. Of course, that doesn't mean the same definition of irony as when people talk about Arrested Development, or hipsters, which are another 2 kinds of irony. =.=

  3. irony is usually when something happens that you don't really expect that's completely opposite of what you would of expected. For example, someone is demonstrating how stable and perfect a piece of software is and it locks up during the demo.