Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have you ever... and this happens? #1

In a line at the store, waiting for the bus, or even while sitting at the theater, there will be people.

With people, things happen. =\

Some of these things might have happened to you...

Assuming that the person doesn't have a bowel problem, they are somehow completely unaware* that they sharted... D:

*If you point it out they will claim it is someone else that's sh*tting down their leg. ◎-◎


  1. Ya know, something kinda like that happened to me in English once~
    We were reading our books and this guy walked in the take a test on his book. I was sitting near him as he took the test. When he got up after taking the test, I saw that there was a little puddle of PEE in his seat xD
    The part that made it so funny is that he DENIED IT WAS HIS!!! Who the hell is stupid enough to sit in a chair with pee in it? Nobody, so that's how I knew he was lying~
    Oh it was hilarious xP

  2. dude... it wasn't pee... it was butt sweat.... i had to walk outside for 5 minutes to get to the class... my butt sweats easily and my pants traps a lot of humidity and moisture... then when i sit down on the plastic desk/chairs, all the moisture starts condensing on the cold plastic.... so when i get up there's a puddle of liquid in the chair..

  3. aside from the diarrhea part I've done this... but you just cant help it sometimes. school lunches don't always agree with your bowels...