Thursday, August 12, 2010


This post is about bananas*.

*Mostly. >_>

Plus, I'd have to buy a lot more stuff to bake up that banana bread. I mean that's just not very economical* now is it? D:

*Sure, I could have just bought less bananas, but what if I wanted to eat them all? Hrm? What then? :o

Just to be clear, there really isn't some hidden message in this post. I'm just wasteful* sometimes. =\

*And lazy. ._.


  1. You have a woman friend who makes banana bread. Everybody does, even if they don't know any women.

    Freeze them so she can use them later. I have a whole freezer full, myself, I'm not currently talking to any of the women I know who make banana bread.

  2. Put them in your cereal=D I do that almost every time I eat mine, it tastes so yummy=D
    I have Honey Nut Cherrios sprinkled with cinnimon and I slice half a banana into it=D
    It's delicious=D
    Try it=D

  3. Bananas only start to get truly ripe when they begin browning. Most americans eat their bananas too soon because they think yellow good, brown bad.

    Also, if banana bread doesn't do it for you, how about banana pudding with nilla wafers?

  4. You know what? Fuck banana bread, It's too complicated to make. Just make some soft serve banana.