Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hitler is Creep

So today I did something different. >_>

I did my own subbing of the Hitler Downfall vid with it referencing yesterday's post.

The text pacing is a bit off at times so I may go back and spiff it up some later.

Hope you enjoy*! :D

*Please note that despite my usual censoring this is may still be NSFW. ._.

Another thought came to mind while I was working on the vid...

I really wonder if that style would have ever taken off if he had never sported it. ._.


  1. Well, he copied Charlie Chaplin's moustache, so I'm thinking it would've done great. Alas…

  2. I read an article once about how Hitler's mustache and floppy hair made Americans see him as comic character like Charlie Chaplin and ignore his burgeoning Hitler-ness. I could only think that that just sounded like the total American story - taken in by a hair-do.

  3. not to mention he ruined the name. Adolph means great wolf. now no one can have that badass name anymore =(

  4. Emily's post made me laugh out loud. Hitler is pretty hilarious looking.

    And I agree with Al. I'm sad that name can't really be used anymore. Great wolf? I mean, come on!