Thursday, July 15, 2010

What it should really be like! #1

This is the first of "What it should really be like!" :D

It is a type of post in which I tell you what something should really be like, rather than how it is. Especially if it has a an odd/funny/interesting name that is used to describe an actually pretty boring and mundane thing. =\

So here we go! :)

Seriously, I have only known of the word loofah for maybe a couple years. When I first heard it I instantly thought it was something like this. Kinda like the soot balls, from Miyazaki's films, but bigger, feathery/furry, and with a beak nose thing. Yeah! A magical little furry thing that got into misadventures! :D

Oh how I was disappointed*...

*I mean c'mon, a sponge...? ;c


  1. Ohmygosh Spirited Away reference for the win!
    That was and still is my most favorite movie EVER~

  2. ...creepy little loofah.

  3. I liked the soot balls in My neighbor Totoro. They could fly:D