Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's save the Kiwis! D:

The absolutey, hands down, no questions asked, irrefutably most awesome bird ever is... endangered! :o

It must be saved! We must save the Kiwi! D8<

Deforestation of its natural habitat use to be its greatest threat. Luckily that is no longer the case as New Zealand has been working towards re-establishing native environments. Now large areas of the kiwi's forest habitat are currently protected in reserves and national parks. The biggest problem at present is caused by invasive mammals like dogs, cats, and stoats*. Which eat them, their chicks and their eggs. :c

*They be weasels. ._.

Sure we can just keep up the conservation, donate to trust and protection programs, as well as work to reduce the number of losses caused by those invaders... but we can also do more! We must do more! We need to train the kiwis to be able to take care of themselves! In this unforgiving world* it is the only true option!

*Sure dogs, cats, and weasels are bad enough. But what about zombies, gremlins, and that thing from Cloverfield, hrm? They need to be prepared! D:<

These guys are stuck on the ground. That's not so great. It's nearly impossible for them to evade their foes. They need a method of escape!

Thus the first thing we shall teach them is:


Um... It looks like they will be flapping off to safety in no time! Yeah! >_>;

We'll um, teach them more stuff later*! D;

*After resuscitation and healing...

Go ahead and check out these Kiwi trust and protection program sites though if ya need a break from flight instructing:


  1. I dun like endangered animals~! I want them to be safe and "Free as a bird~"
    But zombies, gremlins, and the Cloverfield monster? really?
    No, the real danger comes from Vampires. And Homuncluli. Don't forget evil Alchemists~ Oh, and Shinigami with Death Notes, not to mention evil humans with Death Notes. And perverted male high school teachers~ And giant witches and hott wizards. Also sweet-looking-but-evil Queens- WAIT. All this anime is going to my head.... SORRY, it's a fangirl thing I guess.... >////<
    That comic was hilarious! I'm sorry if it was supposed to send out a serious message but that stuff was FUNNAY~!
    Keep up the great awesome work ^-^

  2. @Micki: Humor is a great way to make a serious message stick. ;)

  3. But kiwi is so delicious!

    Oh... you mean the birds?

  4. Have you seen Kiwi!? This comic reminds me very much of it.