Friday, July 2, 2010

The less entertaining truth...

Something needs to be cleared up and I guess it's up to me to fail* at doing it! D:<

I know what you're thinking, "What the hell is that?! What's with the feathers and shiz?! D:", but it's true, and there's more...

Yes, I know, it's like a freaking turkey. That's what a real velociraptor's size was though.

It was quick and agile but small. Nowhere near the size, nor really the look, of what the majority of people picture when they think of a velociraptor.

I'm sure you're all disappointed and I have an idea of what your reaction is to the above...

But it is. Search your feelings you know it be true!

I know, I know, we all saw or read Jurassic Park. I hate to break it to ya but...

Despite being entertaining, both the books and films were off on a lot of things. Tyrannosaurus will see ya if you stand still. Dilophosaurus was big but did not spit that tar up like a person who smoked all their life. And Spinosaurus isn't breaking a Rex's neck, not with those teeth and jaws. It's all the, little less entertaining, truth.

Still though, do your own research and find out more about how science fiction, movies and TV might have lied and grossly miseducated you. Maybe no one's in the matrix. Perhaps toys don't really come alive when we're away. And worst of all, what if zombies don't stop coming once you shoot them in the head?! D:|

Be sure to check other sources than wiki too. I know I made a lot of links to it here but, that shiz ain't always right son! Once they had a type of stick-bug listed as a species of bat. :o

*(This is the the only * in the post, way back up top.) I wont succeed. It is impossible to do so. I felt like posting this though and I enjoyed drawing the pics. :)


  1. I read somewhere that when they started filming Jurassic Park, they decided to make the velociraptors bigger than they really were. Made the conscious decision to be wrong. But during filming, somebody (in an unrelated incident) discovered a big velociraptor, which made that detail of the movie sort of right. But mostly, raptors were little. Probably dangerous anyway, a medium sized dog (which, by definition, is as big as a medium sized dog) can mess you up pretty bad, and doesn't have that big claw, or that big back leg, or that many teeth. It all comes down to attitude, and that doesn't fossilize. I think little raptors are scarier, actually. Harder to get away from.

    As for the t-rex vision and Dilophosaurus tar-spitting, those are soft tissue things, we really don't know from fossils. Heck, it's just possible that t-rex had a whole lot of puffy soft tissue and was purple and green and looked exactly like Barney. But the best guess on all three, I think, is "no."

    On a totally grim note, you are probably right about the zombies not stopping from a clean little gunshot in the head. My daughter got sick and her brain got messed up real bad. About a quarter of it gone. Way more damage than the random zombie gets when the survivors are getting fast and sloppy right before the end of the movie. And she not only kept going (after a couple of week coma break) but stayed smart until other effects of the disease (leukemia) got her.

  2. righteous defenderJuly 21, 2010 at 3:32 AM

    Also, on the meager chance that you care, the book explained the tyrannosaur vision problem as the result of the frog DNA used to patch up the tyrannosaur DNA.

  3. Mike is correct about all the velociraptor stuff - deliberately making it bigger and then actually discovering what could have been a bigger one while filming.

    I also already knew all this and everything in this post, I just wanted to state how AWESOME it is that you made a post about it.

    Also, look up 'bambiraptor'. It's epic.