Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Mr. Depress

It got all cloudy and rainy today. And thus an old friend then came by for a visit. I thought it would be nice to introduce him to everyone.

Not a lot of people get to see him in person. ._.

Eh, a job's a job, ya know? =\

And yes, more double rainbows*! MORE!!! FOREVER†!!! >8D

*Notice how the double rainbow is now "correct". Thank you prior commenter. >_>

Or at least until I get burnt out on them*. o.o

*This wont happen for ages! D:


  1. Awh no reason to be sad, just think that your facebook page is slowly growing! Starting with me, then one of my friends, then another, then totally random people I don't know, there's already at least 16 people!!! =D Now isn't that a happy thought? Your webcomic/blog is bringing joy and happiness to people every where, which is why you should be HAPPY~!!!!!!! =D

  2. thank´s for introducing me to i feel a lot better :-)

  3. Technically if you want your rainbows to be "correct", they should be something like the following (though you can alter them somewhat to taste):

    Red: 255,0,0
    Orange: 255,128,0
    Yellow: 255,255,0
    Green: 0,255,0
    "Blue": 0, 192, 255 (Closer to "Cyan")
    "Indigo": 0, 0, 255 (What everyone calls "Blue" these days)
    Violet: 64, 0, 255

    Just saying. Anyway, I find this blog pretty amusing and check in every few days... keep it up!