Thursday, July 8, 2010


Some article written by a nut (or some guy just wanting to get paid) had some people tweeting about it and 'the end of the world' today. While I was trying to ensure a mass hysteria some people felt the need to bring reason and logic in and ruin it all.

Anyway, it lead to me making a comic, though it is only vaguely related to what I just mentioned above.

It stars a turg-posher*.

Even if the world may be ending, anyone can enjoy a sammich. :)

*Turg-Posher: Hobo (See here)


  1. I've seen this on Least I Could Do... only it was ice cream...

    but I still like the rest of this blog. =D

  2. I'm pretty sure there have been several depictions of people giving hobos food. I did not pretend or think to be was the first. :o

  3. Aw, that is really sweet. I really like this one.