Monday, July 26, 2010

My first "Thank You!"

Hey guys, I know you're out there! :o

I know people visit this place and follow my Twitter, and +like it on FaceBook, and subscribe to its RSS, and even found me on my DeviantArt! D:

Thank you, all of you! :D

Thank you a ton to the person who reddited one of my post/comics!

I read all your comments and appreciate them all*! I just have a bad habit of hardly replying to anything. =\

*Even the ones refuting some post where I said "science" like things.
*Koda is a mushi that looks like a reversed rainbow. So thus a koda posing as a second rainbow would right itself. That's my BS explanation... >_>

Print it out and cut on the dotted line, then tape it to your chest! :D

I know for sure it's the coolest medal you've ever gotten*!

*From me... ._.

It also doubles as free advertising*! So go ahead and let people read it. You can show it off by walking around in crowded public places proclaiming "I have a freaking medal†!" and pointing proudly at it. Then, once people have started to stare and gather around you‡, be sure you just start frantically shoving it in their faces. This would make an amazing YouTube vid so best to try and con some poor sap into recording the event.

*For me... o.o

Made of paper... ¬_¬

Especially if it's security or guys in white coats. :o

Also, I think it's awesome that this place is often referred to as a "webcomic/blog/visual social commentary or whatever it is".
So much so in fact that I will be putting that term in my About section. :)


  1. Huzzah!
    I will be safety-pinning this medal to my bag so I can show everyone how cool I am, yo.

  2. Facebook/DeviantArt ftw~!
    You're welcome~! I feel special because I am one of the people who read this comic in it's first days~ =D
    I hope that when a bunch more people start commenting, nobody uses "Micki"
    Cause that one is mine >D
    I think I'll change it to "Micki x3"
    When school starts, I am putting this medal on my backpack=3
    -sorry for the long comment- >///<

  3. This medal is going STRAIGHT to my resume :D

  4. I will honestly wear this for the rest of the day. It is just that meaningful to me.