Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Adversary...

Lately things have been the opposite of my norm. They've been busy! D:

Developing this site, trying to advertise it a bit, finishing up some shorts to mail off, helping to make two web sites for friends, and doing even more projects than I can count*!

*It's really just 5. ._.

Still, all this stuff has been refreshing and that's good*. :)

*Though the "nap whenever" life style has its benefits... >_>


  1. Being the 1st person to like your Facebook page, I feel like I started a trend, cause 6 more people like it now~
    I feel speciallllll~!!! xD

    Haha it's a good thing you advertised on the "Blip" comic page, or I never would've seen you=O
    ~Love the comic/blog/thing you're doing, it's funny x3

  2. Speaking of advertisements, I saw yours on Blip, as well! I was like, "Hey, I know that guy!"

  3. And I'm the 2nd person to like your FB page! XD Thanks to Micki, otherwise I wouldn't have known this awesome thing existed. :D