Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Leftovers

As I have mentioned before, I have a lot of ideas for post. Most written down in that notebook.

Some eventually get past the notebook and start to take real digital shape! I begin to write them up and draw their totally awesome pictures!

But sometimes, I just get feeling "meh" halfway through the making and toss thier bits in a folder named "Awating...".

There they wait...

...for a long time. -.-

Well tonight I decided to grab three images from that folder then try to link them together somehow with a post.

Honestly, they'd probably never get used otherwise. >_>

We begin with me asking this questions:
I'm sure you do. We all do.
I know one who is an interdimensional pilot!

You can see his ship bellow.
It's traveling through the chaos that links
the infinite dimensions together. :o

The pilot's name is Gloop.
He is indeed pretty strange. ._.

See! That sure is a hell of a lot better than never posting any of them*! :D

*Right? D: