Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today, we are going to be looking at penguins.

Here we see a group of penguins who are huddling together.
They do this to conserve heat, which allows them to defend
against the harsh cold of the antarctic winter.

But what's this?
It looks as though one penguin refuses to join in the huddle.
It seems to prefer to stand just outside of the group...
...looking at it with disapproval.

I wonder, why would it be doing this?
Oh well, I'm sure it has its good reasons.

Still, it isn't long before the first wild winded blizzard rolls in.
But the members of our group simply turn their backs to the wind while
remaining close together. With this tactic they will survive the winter just
as they and their ancestors have done for many years before.

Lets see how our other friend is doing.
Ah, he appears to be taking a nap.

I hope you enjoyed today's little look at our penguin pals. We could all stand to learn a great deal from them*.

*Such as knowing the difference between being yourself, and being just a dumb jackass. ._.

Being yourself does not mean going out of your way to not be like others. =\


  1. Lol, poor dead penguin... does he have emo purple hair?

  2. @rymendre

    Purple feathers. Penguins don't have hair. ;)

  3. soo he has emo feathers?


  4. Lol. At least he died being himself (which was by being a jackass through and through).

    -Barb the French Bean

  5. Wow, this example is pretty much perfect for what you were trying to say~ Great job ^-^

    Now do one about trying too hard to fit in with everybody else, I need to show that to one of my friends... >.>

  6. Whats the big deal? He's just taking a nap, right? just like mr goldfish Scaly. Wake uo now Scaly...you've been asleep for days!


  7. ok i meant *my not mr and *up not uo. uo isnt even a word
    and i need spellcheck :)

  8. @Micki
    Hahaha, there will probably be one sooner or later. :)

    Your comment gave me a good laugh. :D