Friday, September 17, 2010

Late night thoughts!

When I am up late and on the computer, which is not infrequent, I like to think thoughts.

Good thoughts.

Deep thoughts...

Epic thoughts!


Or even just normal thoughts like these...

Those are perhaps my most common late night thoughts*. >_>

* click click click type type type


  1. Man, I wish my late-night thoughts were like that! Mostly, my late-night thoughts are very stressed ._.
    But my LATE-late-night thoughts? Those can get pretty wacky, after my brain stops being so self-conscious :D hahaha

  2. My late-night thoughts are mostly about my friends and myself and all the things wrong with everything o.o
    I'm a very positive person during the day so nobody gets worried about me or asks what's wrong, and I guess I'm a pessimist at night xD
    But when I start getting tired, my thoughts move towards "Don't fall asleep, don't go to sleep, you still have homework to do..." Because I dread going to sleep=/

  3. My late nights thoughts are like that too, if I'm distracted with the computers. :)

    Otherwise it's like the previous posts. :/

  4. Haha. You've pretty much summed up my "intense" late-night thoughts. We're such a cryptic, philosophical bunch... ;)