Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lets update that phrase! #2

It's that time again*! :o

*Please refer to the post here if you had missed out previously.

Time to modernize those rusty phrases! :D

Don't tell me that my alternative is too close to "pigs fly" which shows impossibilities, while "cows come home" simply means a long time.

You see, the starfish are learning to tango, so it isn't impossible*.

*I believe in them! D:

I know that there are plenty more still left to reboot, but I'm gonna keep at it with this relaxed pace*. I'd rather not be stuck doing them till the starfish learn to tango†.

*That's code for me being lazy.

See what I did there? ._.


  1. Cows come home pretty much every night.

    A long time for some things, not so much for others.

    Most stuff you do on farms is hard, like plowing fields and digging postholes (when you do archeology and realize a posthole lasts longer than a civilization, the fact that you have to dig so many is kind of amazing) and doing it till the cows come home is pretty long.

    Drawing comics until the cows come home is not impressive per se.

  2. @Mike Well the starfish learning to tango will take far longer than it does for the cows to return. D:

  3. Haha xP You see, I've never even heard of that phrase, so your comic teaches me something new everyday=P

    *I see what you did thar - .-