Monday, September 27, 2010

Ghost Garry

Below is Garry.

He is a ghost*.

*Just FYI. ._.

Garry's right, trying to understand that is just too horrific for anyone to attempt! :O

*Though, I imagine that if you did, it would be like that end scene* on Raiders of the Lost Ark. D:

*You'd just melt in pure terror. o_o


  1. Poor M.Night, his career has just been going downhill. I wonder if he'll ever make a come-back. The sixth-sense was amazing, but I never cared for signs, the whole "baseball bat/swing away" thing was pushed in our face too much. When the director creates lots of visual "helpers" for the ending when just one would suffice, it really takes it away for me. Ex: The butterfly thing from "I am Legend".

  2. OHMYGOSH. TLA was HORRIBLE!!! It was nothing like the actual show! I hate him for making a disgrace of THE Avatar!!!
    I'm even more pissed that they couldn't use Avatar in the title because of the other "Avatar" movie, that is soooo stupid D8

    Oh well, I'll just deal with it -.-

  3. That's not fair, i actually enjoyed the last i the only one??? i mean sure they had to make some cuts and change up a few things but really it was either that or make the movie like 5 hours long. i thought the actors were good, the graphics were good most of the time, and the storyline basically got the jist of the show. (but they didnt pronounce some names right...that urked me). anyway! i just feel bad for M Night; nobody expects anything remotely watchable for him...his name is forever listed in the hall of infamous directors

  4. I heard 'Devil' is pretty good. I really want to like Mr. M Night.