Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minimalism Vs Manga

Whoa guys! Another guest panel! EXCEPT IT'S GUEST PANELS*!!! D8

*Notice the pluralization. ._.

This lovely assortment was done up by my friend Amy. She lives far away in a magical land where nannies are known to fly around via umbrellas and everyone wears a top hat and monocle. Be sure to check out her DeviantArt. :D

It took quite a bit of pestering to persuade her to aid me. When she did agree to help me out though she insisted on, much to my surprise, doing four panels in a 4-koma like style! :O

She worked with a speed impossible by the likes of me and soon sent me the files, although with my avatar's last speech bubble filled with the words "Punchline Here~", to which she asked for my input. Thus, in the end, the joke* was a collaborative effort, though I leave all credit to her. :)

*Oddly enough, I decided to withhold from using any of the material from my infinity large repertoire of sexual gags, implications, puns and innuendos. :o

Oh, and just for the record, I actually wear neither boxers nor briefs. Gym shorts have been my undergarment of choice since some time in high school. ._.


  1. I love this its awesome and made a little better by the fact I also hail from the land of top hat and monocle wearers and well :D its awesome and so is her deviant :)

  2. I aso hail from the magical land of the top hat and monocle. ALthough I seemed to have misplaced mine somewhere :S

    Anyway, this is an awesome strip!!

  3. i wish i had a top hat and a monocle :(