Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When you're allowed to go back to bed...

Ever wake up with a stuffed nose, scraggy throat, stiff bent neck, numb stretched face, and a black hole of a headache sucking at back of your eyes?

Or, in short...

If so then you might* have a cold or something. :o

*Could be a bad hangover as well I suppose.

If you're feeling like this, you're allowed to go back to bed*. It's okay. I won't hold it against ya. ._.

*After taking some medicine first of course. :)


  1. Thakn you for not holding it against me :)
    I'm laying in bed now with an evil cold, randomly searching the internet to pass the time.

  2. love your arty/abstract comics =)

  3. See...
    I would go back to bed if I didn't have school...