Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So it finally happened...?

So, for a small portion of the day, this was me...

Did I crack? Was my last marble lost? Did the leopard finally punch the monkey's junk?


Not really.

I just consumed too much caffeine as well as some AMAZING sugar cookies all while having an epic anxiety attack.

So, after the whole "sitting down and swinging back and forth while hugging your knees as if you're in a strait jacket" thing, I decided to burn through all that energy in a marathon of push-ups, sit-ups, and running around outside in the FREAKING CRAZY COLD with no jacket* on. Then I came inside and yelled a bunch of crap into a personal silencer† to get rid of all that excess energy and stress hidden in my lounges.

*I'm a dult! I do what I want! D:

Often some sort of cushion or pillow.

And after all that I took a shower and felt much better. :)


  1. That happens to me every day.
    Snow or not -_-; Just be glad you did something different! Unlike me...
    I've got cabin fever from living a merry-go-round life....