Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy and others...

Still lots of snow. Yep.

It's cold too. So a lot of people are stuck inside. They may even be exposed to a mild cabin fever.

And you know what they say...

But that saying doesn't really work does it? I mean, it's not really company is it? Cause they're stuck. Thus it's more than likely* that no one is coming over. No guest or visits. Nope.

*But just in case, better lock your doors. :o

So in this situation, they would actually say...

Yep, that's what they would say.

If I was one of they* then that's what I would say. ._.

*Those thems people... o.o

1 comment:

  1. IT'S LIKE ALASKA OUTSIDE!!!! :O xD (and i don't live in alaska)