Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Pup!

This post will introduce my doggy. He is a little miniature pinscher. I have had him since I was 16.

His name is Zeek (he also responds to many other names such as Zeeky, Buddy, Doogie, Piggy, Button, Little Bit, Poopy, and Little Sh*t). I named him after a character in a story that I wrote back in 3rd grade. I also named a comic character I made Zeek*. I posted him about before, here.

*I just liked the name ever since I heard it when I was a kid and started using it for every character I had in video games or in stories. =\

They have far differing personalities though. While the comic wombabbit one is pretty much a d*ck, the puppy is really just a puppy.

He tends to bark at nearly everyone, especially if he thinks they are invading his home. Though he gets shy with people when he's outside. However, he always seems to like kids (pretty sure it's because they are small like him).

For a while my friends kept telling me how, if put to proper use, this pup could easily get me chicks.

Now I have had many thoughts about what the best method for this strategy could be and have only recently come to a conclusion. I decided to tell my cohort the idea. He's always known about the prospect "chick getting" but has never been one to figure out its execution.

His response was the wagging of the tail and looking at me while running around in circles a few times. I was positive that this meant he was up for it but, just to be sure, I gave him a pupperoni as well. No point in risking this.

We both trained laboriously for the next few weeks. We could leave nothing to chance. One foul-up and the whole thing could end in tears, blood, bodies, and a bad credit score.

Luckily for me, min-pins are very bright dogs. They are easy to train (with pupperoni) and quick to learn (how to get the pupperoni).

The plan went perfectly and we were indeed able to pick up chicks! :D

Unfortunately though I am running out of the funds to keep renting the backhoe. =\

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  1. love the hard hat on zeek, and love to see how happy he is by the wagging of his tail. love this comic.