Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I don't have hobbit feet...

Today only brought home the point made in the post title. My feet are not of hobbit caliber. :c

There was a knock at the door! It sounded urgent or frustrated (given the heat I bet it was the second one). I was in the restroom when it happened and so I had to finish asap!

While rushing to the door, I realize "Oh my gosh! I have no shirt on!" and since I have a rather large chest scar (from heart surgery) amid my burnt and pasty white torso* I flung it in reverse to grab a shirt from my drawer.

*I am a red headed ginger. We dont tan. We either spot up (freckle) or burn.

I put on a tee, ran back and opened the door!

No one there...

I then looked at my door and saw a note from UPS saying "Final Delivery Notice" and that I would have to pick it up at their place. This was not too awesome for me. :C

I then looked around and saw the truck only just now moving off around the corner drive of the apartment complex I live in. I knew I had to move quickly!

I just ran down the steps and across the black top, knowing I could cut him off before he went past the gates! I would get this package even if I must fling myself in front of the moving vehicle!

The truck was not there...

It was impossible that it had already driven out. I mean, unless it had some sort of wormhole generating device used for hyperspace package delivery.

Luckily it did not. I was just stopped at another apartment. Also at this time my feet were starting to hurt just a little bit but I didn't think anything of it. I just ran toward the truck!

It took him a while to give the other person their package so I just stood there and waited a bit. Feet still hurt but I figured it was because I hadn't ran barefoot in a while. Soon the driver was back and looking at me as anyone would look at an obviously hastily dressed, messy haired, young man. He was looking at me as if he faintly suspected I was trying to steal some sh*t.

So I just jumped in and said "Hi! You've got a package for me?!". He was then noticeably confused but stumbled into replying "What address? o.-".

I informed him and then he seemed to figure out the entire circumstance. Probably not his first time for something like this.

I got my package!

I began walking back to my place and started to really feel my feet hurting. Something was up. Though I am too cool to check out why they might be hurting, I mean, there are people around outside and stuff, best to just look at them when I get back inside.

They were burnt. Like really burnt. Super, ouch blisters with blood and loose skin, burnt! That asphalt must have been crazy hot, I mean it was already 92°F outside anyway.

I stood there for a moment and reflected. I remembered that I reasoned with myself about how not putting on my sandals would give me the time to catch the truck.

After that moment I remembered I was bleeding and that my feet were dying. I fell to the flow and crawled to the tub to pour cool water on my bloody blistered stumps. It was nice.

After wrapping the wounds in gauze, and thinking about how this ordeal should be my blog today, I remembered the package.

I was expecting something but it wasn't supposed to arrive for at least 2 more days. I mean, I ordered it online on Friday and just got standard shipping (3-8 business days). I only just yesterday got the e-mail that it had been shipped.

And yet, after clawing the tape off the box like a crazed badger, there it was...

My 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Gift Set! Containing the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manuel (which is always my favorite of D&D books)!

I had put off getting the 4th Edition stuff for quite some time and that was no small feat considering what a huge geeky nerd I am.

At last it is time to indulge!

And since I wont be able to walk much for probably a week, these resources shall be exploited! :D


  1. I once walked across a parking lot with no shoes on, because my shoes were hurting my feet and giving me blisters (I can't walk in high heels >_< ). I noticed that the asphalt was really hot, but I didn't think much of it. I just thought it would hurt while I was walking on it and then I'd be fine.

    When I got home I realized I had burns and blisters all over the bottom of my feet. It was awful!

    And yay for D&D!

  2. I could tell you were a D&D nerd. I agree with your lifestyle. :P 4th edition is fun but it sucks that they cut out the binding stuff at least when it first came out. Haven't played in a while. btw, I think you should draw a picture of Monster Manuel. I want to see what he looks like, seeing as how he's your favorite.