Sunday, June 20, 2010

In a before land time...

I had a web comic once. Still do actually. But it so rarely has something posted that it, more often than not, rubs salt into a guilt wound.

I am not gonna post the address here. I still do post there at times and I rather it stand on it's own for now. Even have a friend help me with art sometimes now. :D

Still though, it lacked one thing that I am trying to get a hold of here. It was a...

Yeah. That's it. Pretty sure.

Anyway, I am planing to at least post something once a day here for the first 30 days here. That will not be easy! Though I do have plenty of random thoughts and I can push out poorly drawn pics without too much pain (it can be fully forced sometimes though).

On my comic I made up a few characters that people seemed to like and so, they will probably make some showings here.

Here they be:


This guy I have drawn for a long time. Mostly he is just the more d*ck part of personality. The part that says exactly what it's thinking. He is not rabbit, not entirely. He is sort of a mix of wombat, mogwai, and rabbit. I like to call him a "wombabbit".

The Pills

My meds make good characters. Really . No, I'm serious. You'll see! You'll all see!

The Whenever Guys

These are just the guys I use whenever. For random gags and what not. The one is green is often dead.
Yeah, they do look like Cyanide & Happiness guys. I like that site but...

AIDS Vampire and A Dancing Pink Taco

They are exactly what they look like.
The vampire has some regrets. The biggest one being biting a person with AIDS.
The dancing pink taco is just a dancing pink taco.

Those are them. Look forward* to seeing them in real roles here on this blog!

*If they don't show up for a long while, well, just keep looking forward! :D