Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh well... threes...

More oldin's...

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You may have already seen that one. It was linked to in this post a while back.

So you don't feel cheated, here's another one...

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This one was made when you used to see web ads for that acai berry crap all the time...

Again, I know they look a lot like the Cyanide & Happiness guys. But, as I have mentioned before long ago, THEY DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO STICK DUDES WITH COLORS. Thank you. :)


  1. hey, açaí berries! i love açaí juice, and they dont put tapeworms on them. (never saw the berries though)
    i live in Brazil and here açaí is an awesome energetic drink made of açaí berries.
    (also, i dont know if you remenber me cause i used to comment but then i went on vacation and stopped comenting but i dont even know if you even noticed me, but anyways, im back)

  2. @ChaoS: Well obviously the tapeworm bit is a joke. :P
    Still, look at the link and read about the crazy fraudulent campaigns that took place not too long ago about acai berry.