Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ash Pelpped! :D

I totally missed this post and was on the cusp of a crazy panic attack!

When I told my friend she got worried. I asked her for a favor. To just draw anything in my standard little box panel.

I sent her a blank one and she did awesomely! :D

She did keep asking me over and over again whether or not pure random was really ok though...

It's was obviously ok and more than that it's welcomed. I mean my boots post was pulled from my arse and somehow became one of the most liked. D:

Anyway, thanks again Ashley*. :)

*She says she's sorry her DA's never updated. :o


  1. oh my i love that guy :D hes so cooool even wearing a smart hat :D

    a very good post :D (goodjob ashley )

  2. i found your other comic finally(it was mentioned ages ago in one of your posts). im happy with myself now. :D