Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The J1RG Report! #2

It's been quite a while since the first J1RG report. This one's pretty overdue.

If you happen to be a doomsayer, sorry for ruining your day. ._.


  1. you didn't ruin my day, my night , maybe ,but not my day. :[

  2. then how do you explain japan having a TSUNAMI, an EARTHQUAKE and RADIATION PROBLEMS all at the same time, while at lybia there is a rebelion going on? YOU CANT EXPLAIN THAT!!

  3. Earthquake triggers tsunami = Fact

    8.9 earthquake damages nuclear power plants and causes mass power loss which is very much needed by said power plants to keep radioactive waste cold and stable.

    And, I'm sorry but when is there not conflict like this going on in that part of the world. Africa is known for it's rebellions and guerrilla warfare. For God's sake a good majority of leaders are called Warlord's.

    There. Explained.