Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When new people be near...

Lets talk about those dangerous things called...

Meh, actually we're not gonna talk about those.

Instead I'm just gonna go over the three common states I'm in when a new person shows up.

New people show up wherever and whenever but there are some places which you can better expect them. Those areas are pretty much any place that is not the large brown box at the back corner of your basement in which you might be hiding from everyone. You know, public places, like outside and stuff, maybe even parties and what not. Where isn't really a problem. When, on the hand, can be...

Depending on the time you meet that new person you may not be at your best...

Your state might be like this...

State #1

Yep, you might be a d*uche.

Well, not entirely full on knowingly d*uchey, but rather, tired, out of it, beyond relaxed, and thus, apathetic.

Drained of mental and physical energy my mind just wanders in a tired pool of thoughts*. I just don't have the stamina for new people right then.

*These thoughts being, "So much crap left to do...", "Where can I go fall asleep at?" and "Hey, I think someone just said 'Hi'."

However, if I am up to par with energy and my powers are stable then my state is more like this...

State #2

Which is pretty normal for most people*. It's my most common state of new people meeting and leads to a good percentage of acquaintances and/or facebook friend adding. However, it's not really that dynamic.

*Some not so much. Like the people in boxes. D:

More exciting introductions come from...

State #3

While this occurs more often than state #1 it is still far less common than state #2. It is often entered while in a natural high. There, energy levels are nearly peeked, self esteem is extremely healthy, and powers are in uber-mode. It can be imposing but also hearty and at times contagious. All in all, it's being at my best with minimum inhibitions*.

*It may cause more frequent pattapatory reactions. o_o

I'm sure* some of you have been in or experienced similar states when encountering unknown peoples. If not then now you know what you're missing out on. :D

*Unless you're of the box people type.

Also note that these states have their socially lubricated counterparts which, while familiar, are not the same due to their origin. Be mindful of this, judge yourself accordingly and act responsibly*.

*If you're resembling state #1 and you've been drinking quite a bit, then it's best to stop and probably have a nice lie down. A State akin to #2 is often known to be sustained or even entered by moderate amounts of imbibing. And if you're seeing yourself in parallel to state #3* then be sure to calm down, take a breather, and try not to throw up on anyone. D;

*If you're already in state #3 before partaking then it's best to limit yourself to not more than 1 drink every 2 or 3 hours. After all, you don't really need it anyway.


  1. FINALLY... Someone who understands me.

  2. and I thought I was the only state #3 person alive :D
    except when Im just day dreaming and revert to state #1
    its a wonder I still have friends -_-

  3. I'm a state number one most of the time... but people understand because I'm often lacking sleep and don't mean to look like a b***h. :P
    I can also be a state number four... awkwardly smile and back away.

  4. I'm one of the box people. There's a computer in here, though.

  5. I must be a box person because I have never been greeted with the word "Yosh" and I have no idea what it means.