Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hey guys, guess what! :D

Yep this be twice the 100th post!

Thanks for all the views, comments, and e-mails! I'm very grateful for all of it! :)

Still, I believe that I could be even more super duper internet famous! :o

I think I just need to hook more readers. A good way to do that, as well as one I've seen on other blog things, is having a "Best of" section on the side with links to the more awesome posts.

However, the ones that are my favorites aren't always the ones that seem to do well...

It will help me a lot*! :D

*And if it fails, it makes me feel less responsible*. ._.

It'll be your fault! D:<


  1. happy new year......and thank´s for all of your posts :-)

  2. happy New Year... I hope to see Friday night duck in a pub somewhere later :)

  3. what!? no cupcake this time?

  4. When I first read the title of that post. I thought it said THUNDERDEATH. That would be a great title for anything. ANYTHING!