Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's art, from a fan!

Hey guys! Guess what!!!

This person gave me some art and she is also a fan! :O

There was then a back and forth with messages.

It went like this...

Me: OH MY EM GEE'S! Thank you! It's super cute!

Her: Thanks!

Me: Tell your three year old autistic cousin that he did an amazing job! :D

Her: ... D;

Cept not really. xD

Anyway, yeah...

Me: I'm gonna make a post with it in it! Want me to link to any site of yours for ya?

Her: Nopes. o uo

Me: ...? D;

Her: I want to be anonymous. :o

Me: Oh, ok. No problem. :)

Her: :3

But I can't just say a-non mouse did it so I made up a name for her which is Halcion*.

*Cause I think of things randomly and stuff.

So, uh yeah, here... ._.

Fa-Nart of...Halcion?

See?! Pretty freaking epic!

Look at the duck! :D

Anyway, don't expect this for every* Fa-Nart. I will probably save the next few up until I make a large-ish showcase post of Fa-Nart. o.o

*This was just the first I've received so I got all excited. ._.


  1. Man that art sucks.
    Also awesome nickname. <3

  2. art is in the eye of the beholder and it absolutely touches my heart.:)

  3. i freaking love it :) go halcion :O

    argh pirate tea party

  4. haha the funny thing is that like a week ago i made fan art and was wondering if i should submit it, and i was like, naahhh he probably won't want it anyway haha

  5. That fan art is adorable!

    What kind of face is D; Can you even wink while doing that? It looks like someone having a stroke. D;

  6. @Strange-1

    The D; is more like a look of surprised/unsure disgust.