Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey! Did you guys know that...

Really, like comics and blogs and all the usual amazing web things you can find! :D

One online thing that I've really been enjoying lately is Natasha Allegri's* tumblr called, PANCAKE PANCAKE PANCAKE.

*She does stuff for the Adventure Time cartoon for a living! :o

I really enjoy the comics she post there. They're mostly centered around life with her and her cat, Pancake.

The cat's name has really stuck with me since I first read in in this comic and lately I have taken to calling my pup Pancake as well...

You can call him almost anything and he'll respond, as long as it's said in the right tone*.

*You know, that tone you make when talking to your pets... -.-


    I didn't know that someone that does stuff for it had a Tumblr... but then again I am very e-inept.
    Pancake is an adorable name for a dog... I'm getting a new puppy soon so I'll see if I can convince my parents to name him/her that! :D

    err, also, I'd like to apologize now to anyone that reads my blog... sorry that it's really rather boring... - w-

  2. I hate to say it, but your dog may be mildly retarded:
    haha! That's my favourite post from that site.

    Also your "this comic" link didn't work for me. It said I was forbidden or something. O_o

    Adventure Time is probably my favourite show ever.

    And Pancake is an awesome name for a pet.