Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things to Remember! #6

Yep, more things to not forget.

I have to remember this one myself at times.

It's ok to take breaks from things, it doesn't mean you're giving up* on them or quitting entirely.

*Unless you are. In which case don't*. ._.

*Always, ALWAYS, come back from your break. Else you really just gave up and then lied to yourself about it. >_>

When you feel like you're grinding into a wall of stone, take a break. When you come back you might see a way around it, or you might now be equipped with a jackhammer. >:D


  1. i dont usualy take a break... i put it off until later.;;

  2. Well taking a break is good rather than... ummm breaking down but if you are taking a break for breaking down than it's better to break the break. Ahh what the heck, I need a break =p