Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dishonored...? :o

A ways while ago I sent out several request to different people for possible guest panels.

I in no way expected to even get replies back each of them, let alone panels. People have lives and things to do after all.

However, Tabitha(rabie-pie) from deviantArt just recently sent this to me...

I'm sure she'll be ok, it looks like just a flesh wound*... ._.

*Sure, maybe it's a "deep slicing into the flesh, puncturing some guts, possibly scraping a bit of bone, and then rupturing back out through the flesh again" kind of wound, but still... just a flesh wound... you know? >_>;


  1. Are you two related or something? :O

  2. @yellowrock
    Haha, no. I didn't even know she had red hair until I saw this panel. xD

  3. dishonor?...thats taking things to the max! :0

  4. So, you're her lord?
    Uh, I guess unless you count that she's dead. o_o